The program provides monetary support for empirical research in verbal behavior conducted by a graduate or undergraduate student. Eligible proposals may be relevant to any topic in verbal behavior (e.g., private events, rule-governed behavior, assessment, second language acquisition, primary or secondary verbal operant, etc.) and may include work with non-human animals. A maximum of $500 may be requested to cover research-related expenses. One proposal will be fully funded and additional proposals may or may not be partially funded. Submissions will be due Friday, March 10th, 2017. Information regarding the competition may be found be below.

Please send questions, submissions, contact information, and advisor emails to Rocio Rosales.

2016 Student Grant Competition Winners

1st place:

Name: Andrew Kieta

Advisor’s Name: Dr. Tracy Cihon

Institution: University of North Texas

Proposal Title: “The Effects of a Verbal Behavior Based Instructional Package on the Problem-Solving Repertoires of Undergraduate Students”

2nd place:

Name: Careen Meyer

Advisor’s Name: Dr. Caio Miguel

Institution: California State University-Sacramento

Proposal Title: “The Role of Listener Training on the Emergence of Analogical Reasoning”

2nd place:

Name: Lauren Goodwyn

Advisor’s Name: Dr. April Kisamore

Institution: Caldwell University 

Proposal Title: “Evaluating the Effects of Increased Exposure to Tact and Receptive Discrimination Training on Skill Acquisition and Generative Responding in Children with Autism”